10 Video Game Bosses That Were (Almost) Too Hilarious To Kill

From an opera-singing piece of poop to a sheep on stilts, these bosses were just too funny!

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Boss battles have always been a central part of the gaming experience. Developers have managed to shoehorn boss battles into almost every genre possible, from action titles and platformers, to puzzle and rhythm games.

Whether they’re Dark Souls hard or Kirby easy, you just can’t use a gaming system without hitting a boss battle. Of the innumerable bosses the average player will take on over the course of their gaming career, there are plenty that will never be forgotten.

Sometimes this is because they were a tremendous challenge to overcome, such as Bloodborne’s Father Gascoigne the first time around. Sometimes it’s because their design was so hideous or ridiculous that you simply couldn't forget them, even if you wanted to.

While boss battles often pit the player against huge, terrifying beasts, though, they can also do the exact opposite. Silly battles against hilarious, nonsensical foes are some of gaming’s very best.

From a gigantic opera-singing piece of poop to a self-proclaimed ‘killer goldfish’ and the funniest, snarkiest villain in gaming history, here are some bosses that were so hilarious we (almost) didn’t want to take them down.

10. Ripper Roo - Crash Bandicoot Series

Borderlands Handsome Jack
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The manic critter known as Ripper Roo is fought as a boss twice in the original trilogy, in Crash Bandicoot and Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. It’s impossible to say which of the fights is funnier.

This mutated kangaroo is the funniest character in the series, speaking only in cackles and jumping manically during fights like the kangaroo he is.

In the original game, his boss arena is a serious of platforms, which he will jump between in a changing pattern in an attempt to crush Crash. It’s yet another slapstick masterclass, which sees the bandicoot trying to set off the Big TNT Crates at the right moment to catch Roo in the blast.

The madcap character returns in the second game, its very first boss. Here, again, he moves erratically and drops numerous explosives across the arena.

He’s now called Dr. Roo (having completed a university education between the two games, as an alternate ending reveals) but is as brilliantly silly as ever.

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