10 Video Game Bosses Who It Would Suck To Work For

Each and every one of these bosses would be an HR nightmare...

call of duty modern warfare 2 lieutenant Commander Shepard

Bosses are like the dessert of the gaming world. Most often, they're the best part of a game, becoming the fight that you go and tell all your friends about. They might be the most memorable encounter that you'll earn your right to experience, or the charismatic villain you'll love to hate. Sometimes they'll even be a series mainstay characters who betrays you, or worse still, they might be the previous protagonist who's broken bad.

Regardless of the reason you love your favoured boss, if there's one thing that's certain, it's that no one ever really spares a thought for your workaday enemy. You know, the hundreds of minions that we have to grind our way through to face our down our favoured foes?

Have you ever thought about their working conditions? What they go through, day in, day out, as the underlings of gaming's least friendly faces? Have you pondered the livelihood of every koopa you've stomped? Every silver knight you've parried? I'm betting you haven't.

Spare a thought for the average goon who works for this cadre of crooks, and do be aware that there are story spoilers in some of these entries!

10. Bowser - Mario Franchise

call of duty modern warfare 2 lieutenant Commander Shepard

The big blustering turtle known as Bowser has to be one of the most instantly recognisable bad guys in video games. If he doesn't show up at some point, it doesn't even feel like you're playing a Mario game. But Bowser being prolific does not at all mean the tyrannical turtle would be a good boss.

Just think about how many goombas you've stomped on over the years. If you worked for the King Koopa himself, who's to say that you won't be the next in an endless line of lackeys learning what the underside of Mario's brown boots taste like?

Not only this, but he's also grossly ineffective. Bowser might have a constant stream of footsoldiers to throw at the plucky plumber, but it isn't like this achieves much. The RPG games tend to send-up this side of his character, playing him often more of a clumsy buffon who just happens to be pretty damn strong and equipped with the handy-dandy ability to spit literal fire.

Bottom line, Mario will always rescue Princess Peach and be able to stop the King Koopa's plans, eventually. Do you want to work for a boss who literally never gets results? No, no you don't.

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