10 Video Game Bosses Who JUST WOULDN'T DIE

How many phases does this guy have??

final fantasy 10 seymour guado
Square Enix

Some video game bosses have become immortalised due to their intriguing backstory, cool design, or brutal difficulty. 

However, there are certain antagonists who are renowned for their resilience. No matter how many times they are beaten, this tenacious bunch return, solely to make our hero's life a misery.

Now, there are some baddies like Bowser, Dr. Robotnik, or Neo Cortex, who get banged up a little before coming back for more. 

Then there are other adversaries who keep showing up, even after they seemingly shuffled off their mortal coil. Despite being decapitated, reduced to ash, or written out of reality, these sinister scoundrels waved a giant middle finger to the Grim Reaper, and came back anyway.

Rather than conquering the world or destroying it, these ten villains seem more focused on being a permanent pain in the protagonist's ass, since they refuse to leave them alone. Sometimes, they'll follow the main character from beginning to end. Other times, they'll appear in multiple instalments, forcing the good guys to face them countless times.

Even though some entries on this list are supposedly gone for good, it's possible we haven't seen the last of these ten death-defying bosses.

10. Lavos - Chrono Trigger

final fantasy 10 seymour guado
Square Enix

In Chrono Trigger, the titular time-traveller allies with warriors from different time periods to stop an alien parasite called Lavos from destroying the world.

Taking on the malevolent creature is no easy task, since Lavos uses the tactics of every major boss in the game. If Chrono survives every phase, Lavos will begin using his own strategies, which involve reigning hellfire onto the entire party. After sustaining enough damage, Lavos' head will explode, seemingly dying.

But it's not over. After besting the malignant beast, Chrono's party will realise they've been tussling with Lavos' exoskeleton, and must journey inward to face his true form. After another arduous scrap, Chrono destroys Lavos. And this time, he's definitely dead.

But it's not over... again. Just as he died, Lavos gave birth to Lavos Core, who serves as the true final boss. This newborn is insufferable to fight, since it can hide its essence inside two neighbouring pods. On multiple occasions, Lavos Core will seemingly die, only to transfer his essence to his pods, dragging out this already lengthy brawl.

Although this showdown goes on forever, it should be expected. Considering Lavos has made Earth his home for millions of years, he was always going to put up one hell of a fight.


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