10 Video Game Bosses Who Will Not Accept Defeat


final fantasy 9 beatrix
Square Enix

Video game boss fights are a mixed bunch, aren't they?

Sometimes they can be the standout moments of their respective titles, acting as a fresh and challenging experience that rewards players for pushing themselves to their limits. Other times they're cheap, annoying and badly scaled, resulting in players either lamenting each time they face off, or developing cunning (and sometimes cheesy) strats in order to get around them.

Yet no matter how the boss is designed and implemented, there's always one thing that players universally want them to do, and that is for them to stay dead. There's nothing quite so bad as a boss basically wagging their finger at the player or using plot armor in a cutscene to dodge death.

We worked hard to batter you, at least have the decency to stay dead and give us the reward. Well, you best be prepared for a rude reawakening, as these bosses use every trick in the book to deny you victory. The rotters.


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8. Genichiro Ashina - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

final fantasy 9 beatrix
Square Enix

Shadows Die Twice? This guy won't even stay dead ONCE!

The opening encounter with Genichiro Ashina is an incredibly tense one. Having just learned the basics of combat, the game thrusts you into a horrifying ordeal as you struggle against an opponent who will mince your health like it was made of butter.

Now as this is intended to be a content that you'll lose, Genichiro doesn't hold back offering up some pretty brutal combos, however for those that have seen the game through to completion more than once, it actually ends up being a bit of a cakewalk. After all, when you've defeated the likes of Owl Dad and OMG STAY DEAD MONKEY, Genichiro here without his lightning gimmicks is much easier.

Yet still, the game completely robs you of a victory, for even if you manage to best Genichiro an unseen assailant will distract Wolfy and you'll be sliced and diced. What a dirty trick right? at least take your defeat with a little bit of honor, but no, as soon as he saw an opportunity to get the upper hand, he took it.



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