10 Video Game Bosses With Ridiculous Final Forms

Sometimes you're better off not upgrading.


"You haven't even witnessed my TRUE final form!"

With maybe a tweak here and there this is pretty much the calling card of a proper villain right? You might have just won a lengthy battle, but with an evil glint in their eyes and an utterance of this uber-popular phrase, the big bad in question suddenly gets...well...BIGGER AND BADDER as they explode through their own skin and become beasts of pure destruction. Basically think how Ganon lives his life, endlessly transforming from badass to badass (sometimes to pig badass, the absolute swine).

Yet, not all transformations are made equal, and while you might see the likes of Cell from the Dragon Ball franchise morph into something as deadly as he is handsome, there are bosses here who don't exactly cut the mustard when it comes to trying out their new skin suit.

That's not to say all of them are TERRIBLE, just that they elicited giggles more than spine-tingling chills. So let's take a look a the final forms which made you wish they could roll back that update.


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