10 Video Game Bosses With Ridiculous Final Forms

4. True Ogre - Tekken 3

Super Mario 3D World Bowser
Bandai Namco

When it comes to fighting games, it's often the case that the final boss is going to whip out some absolutely stonking final form, which will likely include special attacks that kill you in one hit, or are completely unblockable.

For some reason we tolerate this - likely because it's then that much more satisfying to batter them - but there are times where we've absolutely curb-stomped the final boss in question, no matter how "powered up" they claim to be.

Take True Ogre, the final form of Tekken 3's mashup of Perfect Cell and The Incredible Hulk who is the self-professed God Of Fighting. And you know what? In his first phase, he might well be able to claim that title as he boasts a bevvy of moves which can and will wipe the floor with you. However, after you've slapped that smug look off his face, he transforms into a literal monster.

With elongated arms, massive claws, fire breath and a hulking frame, True Ogre sure looks the business, but he's ludicrously easy to beat! His sluggish windups and large body mean he's easy to tag and even easier to juggle.

In fact, so noticeable is his drop in challenge that he routinely makes the top spot for easiest Tekken boss characters ever. Ouch.


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