10 Video Game Bosses You Can Beat In Seconds

Easy Boss Battle CHEATS! Metal Gear Solid, Hitman, Borderlands

metal gear solid the end

A great video game boss can be memorable for many reasons - an awesome character design, a creative and unique battle, or maybe a completely bonkers setting.

And many modern boss fights will grant players alternate strategies for taking them down, ensuring that no matter your arsenal and your skill set, you're probably able to finish the job.

Then there are those bosses which, if you're slick or attentive enough, can be beaten in mere seconds, whether by taking full advantage of your teeming inventory, exploiting a nifty in-game mechanic, or even straight-up sneaking a quick kill against the game's will.

Whether these strategies were actually intended by the developers or not, they absolutely trivialised bosses who could otherwise land you in a heap of trouble.

Given that several of these bosses could take hours to defeat the "honest" way, these strategies will save you a ton of time - not to mention a couple of headaches and a few broken controllers.

Not all of these bosses are infuriatingly difficult when fought conventionally, mind, but when the opportunity arises to take the easy way out, it sure is tough to resist...

10. Mark Parchezzi III - Hitman: Blood Money

metal gear solid the end

Though the Hitman games don't have boss fights in the traditional sense, the more challenging assassination targets in each game are effectively complex puzzles which require players to devise creative solutions in order to get the job done.

In Hitman: Blood Money, the penultimate mission tasks players with infiltrating the White House and taking down both the malevolent Vice President and the game's secondary antagonist, Mark Parchezzi III.

After dealing with the VP, you need to schlep your way to the Oval Office to encounter Parchezzi, leading to a brief cutscene. After the cutscene, Parchezzi will trigger an explosion as he attempts to escape, requiring players to head to the roof to track him down.

But there's a far easier way to kill Parchezzi in just two seconds. Just before you enter the Oval Office, switch to first-person view.

This will cause the game to immediately return to the first-person perspective after the cutscene, giving you a small window of time to shoot the guy point blank with your Silverballer before he can detonate the bomb. Easy.


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