10 Video Game Bosses You Had ONE CHANCE To Fight

9. The Psychiatrist - Katana Zero

Lichdragon Fortissax - Elden Ring
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Katana Zero centres around an amnesiac assassin called Zero, who has the power to rewind time. With this superpower, the sword-wielding ninja can reset any mission that ends with shot, stabbed, or blown to pieces.

Upon completing each assignment, Zero takes part in a counselling session with The Psychiatrist, who also happens to be his employer. During these discussions, Zero is asked personal questions, which must be answered. The Psychiatrist attempts to depict himself as calm and collected, but shows his true and darker side every time Zero doesn't take his questions seriously.

Even though these sections don't seem particularly important, how Zero responds can affect the ending. If our titular character answers every question in the most negative way possible, The Psychiatrist will go full Akira, transmogrifying into a monstrous blob, who serves as the final boss.

Even though this is a cool surprise, many gamers are unaware of its existence, even if they played Katana Zero to death.

Unless Zero responds critically in every single interaction with The Psychiatrist (including when they speak over the phone) this battle is skipped entirely.

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