10 Video Game Bosses You Never Got To Kill

When games rob you of that killing stroke.


One of the most basic expectations of video games is that, sooner or later, you'll get to throw down with the big bad and, after an epic showdown, finally put them down for good, right?

But not all games are created equal, and sometimes, developers will intentionally withhold wish fulfilment from you for a multitude of reasons, whether to leave the door open for a sequel, to subvert expectations, or occasionally for the sake of a troll gag.

Whatever the reason, these 10 video games all denied players the chance to kill these significant bosses, from main villains to memorable supporting baddies.

Just when it seemed like the player would get to exact their bloody vengeance, the fight turned out to be unwinnable, or there was an interruption which prevented the kill from being confirmed.

While in some cases it absolutely fit the game's story and characters, in others it simply left players feeling frustrated and short-changed.

Either way, we sure would've relished the opportunity to put these mighty video game bosses down once and for all...


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