10 Video Game Buttons You REALLY SHOULD PRESS

What are you NOT going to push the big red button??

Stanley Parable
Coffee Stain Studios

I'm not smart enough to explain to you why a big red button plonked in the middle of a room - preferably with a huge "DO NOT PRESS. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT PRESS" message written on it - is so damn appealing. I studied psychology at university, and I still couldn't explain the real human need to defy these instructions and touch what you shouldn't.

However, just because I can't explain the craving to hit these buttons doesn't mean it's not real. There's something innately appealing about pressing something that you're not entirely sure the function of, or being told not to press something... and then going right ahead and doing it anyway just to stick it to The Man.

We've covered the buttons you absolutely should not push (but totally did) in a list before, but this time I'm championing the video game buttons, levers or tiles that you should take glee in activating. They might shower you in gifts, or they might drop you into a surprise encounter, but either way they'e going to improve your gaming experience massively.


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