10 Video Game Characters We Couldn’t Wait To Kill

Some people are just begging to be annihilated.

Creating a memorable video game character is no easy feat. It requires so many elements of game design to come together harmoniously, from the physical design of the character, to the graphics, the writing, and perhaps most importantly, the voice acting. Even the best-written character can flop if one of the other elements is out of whack, yet a charismatic or well-envisioned character may become a cult figure even without the presence of a great script. A great protagonist is one thing, and a compelling villain is another. To make a villain we just can't wait to put a bullet in or run a knife through, they typically need an intimidating look, a savage personality and to have personally wronged the protagonist in a way that makes revenge an absolute necessity. Often it might be a stacking of the odds in their favour that causes players a combination of fear and excitement as they head into that climactic final battle. What's consistent among these 10 is that by the time the fight came along, we were absolutely itching to take them down. As usual, feel free to add your own contributions in the comments...

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