10 Video Game Characters Fans OBSESSED Over (Commenter's Edition)

Is Serana the best Bethesda character ever?

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To ensure a game is as successful as possible, it's imperative to have a hero that's likeable, relatable, and recognisable. The reason why Max Payne, Kratos, and Gordon Freeman are popular is because they were strategically designed to attract a certain demographic.

But there are some video game characters that aren't just popular. Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu left gamers frothing at the mouth before the game was even released. Although we have rarely, if ever, seen the gaming community act so fanatical over an NPC, it happens all the time.

Now, it's understandable when this occurs with a hero, boss, or sidekick that's tailored to be trendy. But on occasion, a character will become beloved, purely by chance.

For inexplicable reasons, gamers will gravitate towards a specific character, even if they're seemingly unattractive, unlikeable, or... Waluigi. (Seriously, what's the appeal with that guy??)

The original version of this list is here, but there were so many gaming characters people can't stop gushing over that popped up on Youtube, we've compiled another rundown based on your recommendations.

10. Tiny Tina - Borderlands 2

skyrim sarana

Borderlands feels like a game crammed with characters trying to outcrazy each other. Even though Handsome Jack is a sociopath and Mr. Torque has a few screws loose, there's no doubt Tiny Tina is the kookiest inhabitant in Pandora. In-between playing tabletop RPGs and having tea parties, this crazed teenager enjoys making bombs and watching said bombs go kablooey.

Although Tina is eager to help you in Borderlands 2, living alone for so long has left her mind frazzled, which causes her to spout tons of hilarious obscenities. Any time Tina is in earshot, it's easy to get distracted when she starts singing about crumpets or threatens to shank her teddies.

Despite the fact Borderlands' side-quests eat up your time, you'll be tempted to try out all of Tina's missions, just to spend more time with her.

Tina was an immediate fan-favourite, encouraging the developers to create a DLC called Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, with her serving as the narrator. When this feature was a hit, it inspired the developers to devise a full game spin-off, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

With her fanbase still going strong, it's safe to say we haven't seen the last of this demented demolitionist.

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