10 Video Game Characters That Deserve Their Own Spin-Off Game

7. Geno


Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars was one of the very best Mario titles ever created. The game has an enduring legacy, with Paper Mario and the Mario and Luigi series both owing a great debt to Squaresoft€™s classic. Ask anyone who played the original game what they remember most from the title, however, and chances are they€™ll mention Geno €“ the puppet brought to life who accompanies Mario on his journey. With his combination of sage-like intelligence and his cocky, rebellious attitude, Geno as a character has a popularity far beyond that of Super Mario RPG, and the plot possibilities for a spin-off title are immense. The problem? Geno is property of Square Enix, and they probably won€™t be making another Mario based RPG any time soon.

6. Meta Knight

MetaKnightA cloaked figure watches silently from the shadows, sword at the ready. No, it's not Altair of Assassin's Creed, I€™m describing Kirby€™s rival. Meta Knight is something of an enigmatic question mark, wrapped in mystery, shrouded in another enigma. Mysteriously. Much more than just Kirby€™s frequent enemy; he€™s honourable and has his own code, and while he often fights against Kirby, he usually has the same goal in mind. The Kirby franchise has enjoyed diminished popularity in recent years, and a sequel starring Meta Knight could inject the freshness the series so desperately needs. After all, if Wario can have such success with his own title after going toe-to-toe with Mario for so long, there€™s no reason our caped crusader can€™t star in his own game €“ flying and slashing his way to platformer hero glory. But there€™s another Nintendo character even more deserving...
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