10 Video Game Characters Too Angry To Die

This lot are so p*ssed they'll fling open the gates of hell itself.

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There’s usually a defining trait behind a lot of videogame character’s motivations for carrying out their quest/aspirations for world domination/desire to cause untold destruction, and in the case of a lot of them, it’s anger.

We’re talking all-consuming, fire burning in your eyes (sometimes literally), roiling snakes in your stomach anger here. The kind that causes people to dismember other people, to rip them half (also, sometimes literally) and drives that character forward to get revenge on others.

In the case of some really angry videogame characters, they’re so consumed with their rage, they’ve transcended death itself, fought their way out of the underworld and made their way back to the world, even more annoyed that they were nearly killed.

This is the list of 10 of those very, very angry characters that are so boiled over with frustration and wrath, they just simply can no longer be killed, simply because they refuse to do so.

In fact, it’s in the best interest of their enemies not to kill them, because they’ll only come back even MORE p*ssed off!

10. Doom Guy - DOOM

god of war kratos
iD Software

There aren't many people who strike fear into the hearts of the demonic horde (or whatever it is demons have instead of hearts), but Doom Guy is one of them.

Well known for his penchant to rip and tear everything in sight, this whirlwind of fury is not happy unless he's constantly surrounded by a barrage of blood, cuts, eyeballs and entrails.

He's always been angry enough to deal with any demons coming his way, but in the most recent reboots of the game, Doom, and Doom: Eternal, he's never been more of a force to be reckoned with.

Every single second that Doom Guy walks the Earth, Hell or whatever's in between he can move with astonishing speed, chopping demons into bits with his chainsaw while blasting another in the face with a super shotgun before rocketing off with a grappling hook straight into the face of another demon before ripping out its eyeball.

You've got to have a significant amount of internal anger to function like the Doom Guy does.

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