10 Video Game Characters Who Would Be Awesome To Drink With

mariodrunk After a long, hard week, nothing beats going down to the local pub (or club if you're that way inclined) for a well-deserved drink or five, but going down with the same old people week after week can get boring. There's only so many middle aged single mothers on the prowl or your friend Dave's ramblings about his girlfriend you can take before you feel ready for screaming. The gaming world however has given us some awesome characters that would be downright awesome to go and get smashed with- here we count down ten of the best that would greatly enhance your night of drinking. Disclaimer: WhatCulture advocates sensible drinking. Especially with fictional characters.

10. Urdnot Wrex

mass-effect-urdnot-wrex A good nine times out of ten you go on a night out and some drunken idiot starts a fight for no reason, but if you went out with Urdnot- you'd never have this problem again. The guy is huge! You'd have to be completely crazy to even contemplate picking a fight with him so you'd never need to worry- especially if said drunken idiot is threatening to hit you for accidentally hitting on or spilling drink over his girlfriend. Another advantage would be that the doormen would never even dream of coming near you to kick you out for being too drunk with Wrex by your side.
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