10 Video Game Characters You Didn't Know Appeared In Other Franchises

Video game crossovers at their most peculiarly unexpected.

Clap Hanz

There's no denying the amount of boring red tape which needs to be navigated in order for video game characters to make appearances in other franchises, no matter how simple things might seem on the surface.

And so, it never ceases to surprise when an iconic protagonist makes the leap to another beloved franchise almost entirely different from their own.

Due to the complicated nature of IP rights, it's most common for characters to make cameo appearances in other series owned by the same publisher, but every so often, fans will get to behold an entirely left-field crossover between franchises with no prior association.

Whatever the means, these 10 video game characters all made shock appearances in franchises both ridiculous and unexpected, in each case making fan wonder exactly how the deal came together in the first place.

In some instances it was a genuinely inspired and fitting crossover, while in others it was a mere cutesy tip of the hat, and every so often, it was nothing more than aggressively, distractingly bizarre.

But all 10 appearances have one thing in common: nobody saw them coming, and you probably still don't even know about them...

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