10 Video Game Cheat Codes Designed To PUNISH You

Why would you hurt me like this, cheat code?

GTA San Andreas State Of Emergency Cheat
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Whenever games include cheat codes, their primary purpose is to make the game easier for you. They’re meant to make you feel overpowered and give you an experience that may not necessarily be what the developers intended, but that is infinitely more fun.

This said, sometimes developers like to lay traps for the cheating part of their playerbase. Perhaps because they’re fed up with people messing with their game’s balance, or perhaps because they simply want to play a nasty prank on you, they create cheats that turn their creation into an absolute nightmare.

A short cheat code can suddenly turn every NPC hostile, give your character a permanent handicap, or, in some extreme cases, even delete your save file. The worst part is that you’ll never know what the cheat code does until you experience its punishment on your own sorry skin.

Watch out for the following cheat codes, as they only exist to punish you for trying to make your life a little easier.

10. Riskymoney - SimCity 4

GTA San Andreas State Of Emergency Cheat

Even to this day, SimCity 4 is considered one of the greatest city builders of all time. This isn't just because of SimCity 4's fantastic city-creation tools, but also because the game's bizarre world was really endearing and captivating. Your city could be attacked by a giant robot or visited by aliens, and your Sims would tell you the most outrageous things.

The weirdness of the game also extended to its cheat codes, with "riskymoney" being the best example of this.

Do you remember how in the Sims, typing "motherlode" would instantly grant you a huge load of cash? Well, riskymoney does a similar thing, except every time you use it, there is a slight chance a massive earthquake will destroy your city!

Every time you want to get some easy and fast money through cheating, the game plays a little gamble with you. You might get a few extra grand in your treasury, but it might also cost you millions of simoleons in damages.

The exact chance of the cheat causing an earthquake is 25%. And if these odds sound good to you, you might have what it takes to make it as a crooked politician.

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