10 Video Game Deaths EVERYONE Saw Coming

9. Daina Le Guin - Dead Space 2 (2011)


In the first Dead Space, the silently suffering Isaac Clarke is led all around an alien-infested ship by a woman named Kendra Daniels, who, in a genuinely shocking endgame twist, turns out to have been using him all along. By the law of video games, she doesn't live very long after this revelation, getting splattered all over by the game's final boss, the Hive Mind.

So, when Dead Space 2 seemingly goes through very similar motions from the outset, suspicions are instantly raised. What makes Daina Le Guin, another apparently innocent woman Isaac knows only through his communicator, any different from Daniels? Her inclusion could have been a clever way of earning the player's trust gradually over time...but no. Surprise surprise, Daina is evil.

As a Unitologist, a member of a violent, alien-worshipping cult, Daina has been manipulating Isaac to do the Church's bidding. You only get a snippet of her intentions, however, before she and the whole room are shot to pieces by an EarthGov gunship.

There's no way this character was going to last long after her betrayal. And given how predictable said betrayal was, players likely expected her death long before it happened.


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