10 Video Game Deaths You Were Powerless To Stop

There was nothing you could do.

wolfenstein thumb

Even though the vast majority of video games see players deal hundreds if not thousands of deaths to anonymous enemies, truly great video games know how to make major character deaths count.

These days it's not uncommon for video games to offer players multiple paths, allowing them to rescue characters who they perhaps allowed to die on a first playthrough, a formula best perfected by Quantic Dream's highly variable "interactive drama" games such as Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human.

Yet many games also prefer to strip away the player's power entirely and force them to sit through a devastating character death, with no possibility of a better outcome.

These 10 games all served up unforgettable character deaths which, for better or worse, made players feel like human garbage as they debated how a supposed "entertainment" product gave them an existential crisis about the lack of agency in their own lives.

These video game deaths all left players looking on helplessly as a beloved character was brutally sent to meet their maker...


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