10 Video Game Decisions You Immediately Regret Making

Kabuto, I choose you! No, wait a minute...


Choice is wonderful, but is too much of it a bad thing?

Ask anyone under the thumb of Soviet oppression and they'd have said, "nyet, absolutely not," or at least they would have had they not feared being whisked away in the middle of the night for expressing such an opinion. When Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov, himself a citizen of the Eastern bloc, visited a Tokyo supermarket for the first time, he broke down in tears; he couldn't believe real people could choose between more than two different fruits, and that they didn't have to wait in line to buy a potato.

Clearly then, he believed choice was a good thing. Yet he never introduced it to his games; the only way in Tetris is down, and you get whatever block you're given, even if you really want and need one of the big long boys.

So was Pajitnov a hypocrite? Not hardly: he recognised, even before video games generally allowed players to make complex decisions, that choice is often a burden, not a blessing. In many games which have presented ethical dilemmas since, the only good option has been to hit the power switch, and take up a less stressful hobby like base jumping instead.

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