10 Video Game Developer Roles You Didn't Know Exist

When I grow up, I want to be a Cloth Effects Artist!

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When you think of videogame jobs, what do you envision?

A group of nerds in rapidly-deteriorating Warcraft t-shirts joking about how if King Trident was a programmer, he'd be coding "under the C"? Or a bunch of upbeat, preppy artistes dressed up like Mumford and Sons, whinging about the lack of oat milk in the studio fridge?

In any case, you almost certainly thought about either an artist, a programmer, or a designer. And, to be fair, those make up the vast majority of developer roles in game development.

But what if I told you there were many, many more esoteric, strange game development roles that people almost never talk about?Who knows, you might find your next big calling in life!

Also, anyone that chooses to drink oat milk is a sociopath.

10. Foley Artist

Batman arkham city
343 Industries

We've all been there - cross-legged, sitting in our pants after a few too many Bacardis, clopping two halves of a coconut together to pretend we're a horse (I'm doing right now. I've ruined this wedding).

But did you know this is an actual job?

Perhaps more synonymous with the film industry (but just as important in gaming), foley is the art of devising sounds through the use of props. After all, the sound team isn't going to build an actual time-altering railgun to record the sounds from, are they?

Notable examples of stellar foley artists can be found working on Halo Infinite, with some of the most inventive use of props to date. From capturing the noises from hungry pugs munching on carrots to simulate space gophers, right through to melting a watermelon in a puddle with a road flare to create the sound for the plasma pistol, the inventiveness on show is second to none.

If you've ever found yourself farting onto a cabbage and thought, "wow, that sounds exactly how I imagine a bulbasaur would", then you're probably an excellent foley artist in the making.


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