10 Video Game Developers That Stupidly Ditched Popular Genres

From beat 'em up to... turn-based RPG?!

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Actually managing to have a runaway success in the gaming industry is like lightning striking three times in the same spot while a stone bleeds and pigs fly overhead. But it does happen.

I'm not saying success is impossible, but take a look at the list of everything that comes out for a given platform in a year, then subtract the known quantities; the games lucky enough to have sizeable advertising budgets, or those that for whatever reason, establish a modicum of hype.

For the rest, it's pot luck. Either you'll be found on a digital storefront or you're left ignored forevermore - maybe being picked up in a sale as some curious gamer remarks "Oh, that came out?! I will totally play for a MUCH reduced price!"

Those ones I mentioned that work, though? Those are the formulas that catch on with thousands, sometimes millions of people, building franchises and signature elements that usually stand the test of time.

Everything needs to line up, and if that's the case, why mess with it?

It's a constant thing to think about in the gaming industry. You can't just re-release the same mechanics over and over (unless you're a sports game), but too much change and you'll alienate those who bought into what you were selling first time round.

Some devs get this right, and others? Well...

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