10 Video Game Developers Who HATE Their Own Creation

8. Suda51 - Shadows Of The Damned

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You've gotta hand it to the inimitable Suda51 (aka Goichi Suda) and his unrelenting honesty, especially when discussing his crushing disappointment with his 2011 actioner Shadows of the Damned.

Suda collaborated on the game with Resident Evil co-creator Shinji Mikami - who will be showing up himself on our list a little later - and was sold as an ambitious fusion of their respective styles as game developers.

Suda spent years developing various story, character, and gameplay concepts, yet EA ultimately forced him to scrap the majority of his ideas in favour of a more conventional, formulaic action game. Before the game came out, Suda had gone through four separate iterations of what it could be.

Even though reviews skewed relatively positive, Suda said he felt the meetings with EA were like "court interrogations," and Shinji Mikami even dared to suggest that the game broke Suda's heart:

"It became a completely different game. That was a bit disappointing. I think Suda was unable to create the scenario he'd originally had in his head, and he rewrote the scenario several times. I think his heart was broken. He's such a unique creator, so it seems to me that he was not quite comfortable with making this game. The game was nothing like Suda had planned, which is rather sad."

As such, it's clear that Suda doesn't have many good memories from his time working on Shadows of the Damned.

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