10 Video Game Developers Who Made The Right Decision To Ignore Fans

Developers really do know best.


It's often said that a writer's second novel is infinitely harder than their first, and the same seems to hold true for game development.

It's not always clear what makes a series popular, and devs need to find ways to improve upon the original formula while not alienating fans who often have a clear set of expectations of what they want to see in the sequel.

When innovating too much could destroy the brand, and innovating too little risks a slower but equally painful death by stagnation (rest in peace, Telltale Games), it's no surprise that devs often get the balance wrong. Listening to your fans is often necessary to know where to plant your flag; to understand what to keep and what to unceremoniously ditch.

That said, fans can be wrong and sometimes - just sometimes - the companies and people who make a living from creating video games really do have a better idea of what makes a better final product than the adoring public.

Some of the greatest games of all time come from devs listening carefully to their audience - and then ignoring them entirely.


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