10 Video Game DLC Stories Better Than The Main Game

More like Deliciously Luscious Content, am I right?

WB Games

Video game DLC has long been a controversial topic in the video game industry. There have been many instances where, after paying the full retail price for a new game at launch, a post-game content drop features a bonus mission that is described as the 'true ending' for an additional cost. We have also seen old content re-released with slightly updated graphics, and others that are simply not worth the additional expenditure.

Done well, however, and players get content that breathes new life into video games, allowing avid consumers hours of extra fun immersing themselves in their favourite titles and franchises. Sometimes, we even get content that improves on many aspects of the original game. Maybe it's providing a deeper backstory for your favourite character, maybe it's showing the story from a different aspect that changes your perceptions of events, or maybe it's a what-happened-next that just managed to be more interesting.

When it comes to crafting DLC, developers and writers have the beautiful virtue of hindsight; they can see what the players liked and disliked and can take these opinions and suggestions on board to craft DLC that's exactly what the player wanted.


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