10 Video Game Easter Eggs & Secrets Only TRUE FANS Noticed

Berserker fans need to check out Elden Ring.

elden ring berserker sword

It used to be that you could only get your hands on Easter Eggs once a year, after the Easter Bunny dropped them off. However, video game fans can rightfully tell you that is no longer the case, as hunting for Easter Eggs is not just a job for kids hoping to get a sugar rush - it's also for dedicated gamers who love discovering secrets.

Uncovering cheeky references or gags in your favourite video games can be a straight shot of dopamine for players. Hell, it's a win-win for everyone, as the devs get to have fun putting something unique into their game, and players get rewarded for their curiosity.

This is why they've become such a staple of gaming. However, while some Easter Eggs are easy to spot, there are others that only the biggest fans can recognize.

The following ten Easter Eggs are fine examples of secrets and references the average player will miss; fitting treats for those in the know.

10. Dazzler's Stage - Marvel's Spider-Man 2

elden ring berserker sword

Superhero properties and Easter Eggs go together like wine and cheese, so it's no surprise that the latest instalment in Insomniac's fantastic Spider-Man series is more packed with references than a sausage is with meat.

You can find all sorts of things throughout this version of NYC, including Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum or even a tribute to Chadwick Boseman at the Wakandan Embassy. Still, one little locale that is particularly Egg-rich is the Coney Island Amusement Park.

Almost every attraction at this fun fair is a treat for die-hard comic-book fans, and one particularly delightful reference alludes to Marvel's version of Taylor Swift, i.e. Dazzler.

When looking around the park, you'll stumble across a karaoke platform named Dazzler's Stage. This is a direct reference to the X-Men character, Dazzler, also known as Alison Blaire, a mutant pop star and member of the superhero team.

Dazzler's most notable appearance outside the comics was her brief cameo in Dark Phoenix, which was not even close to making her the household name she is in-universe. As such, no one would blame you for missing her name-drop in this epic sequel.

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