10 Video Game Easter Eggs That Change Everything

Aliens exist.

Grand Theft Auto V Alien
Rockstar Games

Virtually every major video game comes jam-packed with a ton of Easter eggs these days, and while the vast majority of them are nothing more than mildly amusing, cutesy gags, every so often they dare to be something a little more.

These 10 video games all boast secret scenes, collectible items, and hidden areas - among other things - which made explicit implications about the wider lore of their respective universes.

While you might at first seem eager to dismiss them as nothing more than throwaway jokes, they generally don't contradict the established mythology in any major way, and most of them actually have a shocking amount of thought and creativity put into them for a "disposable" gag.

If nothing else, these Easter eggs all invite players to think long and hard about their universe-redefining potential. And in the case of one Easter egg, it even changes everything in the most literal sense.

You'd be lucky to stumble across any of these Easter eggs without some help, but once you know, you'll never look at each game the same way again...


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