10 Video Game Easter Eggs That SERIOUSLY Took The Piss

Well that's a fine congratulations.


There's a supreme sense of satisfaction whenever you uncover a video game secret. It can be as big as a vault containing all of the developers toys and items such as in the Fallout games, or it could be as tiny as a secret birthday message from a husband to his wife in Halo 3. Whatever the actual secret is, it feels like the curtain has been lifted slightly and you've joined a select group of winks and nods with the developers themselves.

Except hold on. What's this? Another secret? Well let's take a look what does it say?


It's telling me to insert my own fist into my....well I'm sure that was just a typo surely? Unfortunately such is the case in a suprising amount of video games, where even our most beleoved titles will mock us the player relentlessly for looking in places we shouldn't, doing things the devs don't want us to do, and sometimes for just playing the game!

So let's take a look at times where video games stopped giving us the thumbs up for finding their secrets and switched it with a middle finger...


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