10 Video Game Endings That Get Worse The More You Think About Them

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Endings are hard. We can - and, on the internet, often do - talk all day about all the stories we've enjoyed that had disappointing or poorly conceived finales.

Whether because of plot holes, cheap plot devices or just good old fashioned mediocrity, it's easy to fall into a rabbit hole discussing all the reasons why and how a story fails to stick the landing.

Even worse is when an ending wraps things up in such a way that the entire story ultimately doesn't really matter. If the outcome was inevitable, then what have we been doing this whole time? Why did we devote hours to something that doesn't go anywhere?

Then there are games that have perfectly fine endings. They're cohesive, wrap up all the loose ends, and maybe even have a satisfying twist.

But then you really start thinking about what that world looks like going forward. Happy or sad, any ending has certain implied implications and sometimes inevitable consequences. And the more you consider it the more you realize these characters you've been growing with all this time are in for a rude awakening.

There's simply no avoiding it.

If you overthrow an evil ruler, the likely result is civil war. And if the ending is a downer, it could always get worse, and probably will.

Whether they're confusing, just plain bad, or ignorant of their own consequences, these are Ten Video Game Endings That Get Worse The More You Think About Them.

10. Blessing Of Despair - Elden Ring

red dead redemption jack marston

Blessing Of Despair is one of the endings in Elden Ring with the lowest requirements, befitting the fact that you unlock it by completing the quest line for a character called the Dung Eater. The fact that he appears as a red phantom - something all Souls players will recognize as bad news - is a pretty good indicator that nothing good will come from helping him.

The Dung Eater tasks you with tracking down several Seedbed Curses - disgusting growths that sprout from the bodies of his former victims. He's a nasty guy obsessed with disgusting filth and suffering, but it's unclear if he is cursed to be this way or if this is just who he is.

Regardless, by fulfilling his plans you effectively afflict everyone in the entire Lands Between with his Seedbed Curse, which not only causes them agonizing pain in life, but also traps their souls in eternal torment. That's everyone. Forever. All people, from now on, will be born and die with this curse, causing generations of death and decay until there are no people left; only souls suffering for eternity.

And the worst part? This apparently accomplishes nothing. It's evil for the sake of evil.

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