10 Video Game Endings That Pissed EVERYONE Off

10. Your Choices Don’t Matter At All - The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

dark pictures anthology little hope
Supermassive Games

Supermassive Games have proved over and over that they can do really cool things with narrative horror games.

Until Dawn was a masterpiece and their latest offering The Quarry was more teenage spooky shenanigans to chew on for fans. In the middle of those was The Dark Pictures Anthology which is pretty hit and miss. You spend the whole story trying to unravel a mystery that begins with a little girl burning down her family home and spans decades. And of course this is a Supermassive horror game so you’ll be making a good handful of life and death decisions within that story. Except that when it all comes to a head you find out the person you thought you were playing never existed, the survivors of your story fade away, and it turns out the whole thing was all a hallucination from a traumatised old man who lost his family in a fire.

Yeah, that thing you’re really not supposed to do in video games.

Turns out you were the bus driver from the start of the game who passed through this town that held a lot of horrible memories for him so he hallucinated his little sister and crashed. Intricate story of protagonists apparently being reborn and all your difficult choices be damned because nothing matters, it was all a dream.

Nobody liked this one and it did the worst thing a bad ending can do, it ruined the rest of the game.


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