10 Video Game Endings With Disturbing Implications You Totally Missed

10. Heavy Rain: The Neglectful Father

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Heavy Rain isn't exactly a cut and dried happy ending, thanks to the presence of seven alternates, three of which include the suicide of the main protagonist, and some which involve the Origami killer getting away with it all, and presumably going on to terrorise more families, but there is one "ideal" ending.

In it we see Ethan, his new squeeze Madison and rescued son Shaun setting up home together in a happily ever after scenario that completely ignores the fact that cuddles can't fix severe PTSD and other related mental trauma, with Scott the killer dead, and Norman miraculously healed of his drug addiction (must have been the cuddles again.) Life is presumably all good.

But wait...

Aside from the fact that Ethan still has some severe underlying mental problems, relating to the death of his first child, how are we supposed to believe that social services would allow him to continue living with his son having almost caused his death?

Okay, so a blackout isn't a conscious thing, but carelessly taking your son to the park alone when you have a history of episodes is not exactly going to win you any parenting awards. I'm pretty sure someone in the judicial system would have something to say about that, not least because it was Ethan's neglect that lead to the death of his first son by losing him in a mall.

Carefree, non-restrictive parenting is one thing, but when it leads to actual death of one child, and then almost death of a second, it's probably time your privileges were revoked. If there's any justice in the world of Heavy Rain, Ethan is now in a cycle of depression, having had Shaun taken off him for his own good.

So much for the happy ending.

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