10 Video Game Enemies You Felt REALLY Bad For Killing

9. Tahir Javan - Grand Theft Auto V

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You may not remember the name Tahir Javan, but you'll certainly remember Grand Theft Auto V's highly controversial mission "By the Book," in which protagonists Trevor and Michael work with FIB douchebag Steve Haines to locate and assassinate the poor guy.

The bulk of the mission sees players, as Trevor, interrogating and torturing a man, Ferdinand Kerimov, to discern the identity of Javan, who the FIB has deduced is a terrorist threat.

At the conclusion of the lengthy torture sesh, you're given control of Michael and tasked with sniping Javan in order to complete the mission.

If the whole setup already seems pretty fishy, this is confirmed afterwards when various newspapers and radio reports refer to Javan as a good-hearted philanthropist and community leader.

Even with the GTA series effectively being a demented playground for us all to live out our most effed-up fantasies, taking out such a seemingly benevolent guy as part of a government murder squad felt like a whole other level of wrong.

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