10 Video Game Exploits That Destroyed The Entire Experience

Why play Fallout properly when you can just exploit your way to victory?

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The majority of video games are carefully constructed so that people have to play them in a certain way.

Every game has its A-to-B, its gameplay loop, its sequence of events. Whatever you like to call it, we're locked into these cycles from the second we pick up the controller to the moment we put it down, and even open-world games (a genre that often claims to give players unlimited possibilities) restrict you in lots of ways, whether it's invisible walls, items you can't pick up, or buildings you're not allowed to enter.

But every now and then, an exploit comes along that completely destroys the experience of playing the game - the experience that the devs intended you to have.

These exploits can take many forms - some give players an unfair advantage in multiplayer lobbies, while others allow you to skip past entire sections in difficult games - but regardless of the specifics, they all have one thing in common: they totally ruined the experience of playing the game normally, which can be absolutely hilarious in some cases... but deeply frustrating in others.

10. Cheesing The Warrior (Borderlands 2)

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Borderlands 2's final boss - the Warrior - is a tough cookie to beat. With a health bar that seems to take forever to deplete, annoying attacks like its powerful flame breath, and those other, smaller minions that spawn throughout the area, it can be a real pain in the ass, especially if you've got no friends to help you out.

But like most final bosses, it's supposed to be a pain in the ass. It's supposed to be the ultimate challenge, a place for you to utilise all the skills (and all the loot) you've picked up throughout the game. It's not meant to be easy.

Then again, you could just use this exploit to turn the boss into an absolute joke.

Instead of entering the Warrior's arena - which is blocked off by a "point of no return" barrier - just jump up the rocks to your left to reach a vantage point. From here, not only can you shoot over the barrier and damage the Warrior, but it will be impossible for the creature's attacks to kill you - all you have to do is pump it full of lead.

This is an odd one out on our list because it doesn't affect the entire game, but since the Warrior is meant to be the culmination of your Borderlands 2 adventure, ending things on such a cheap note does somewhat taint the whole experience.

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