10 Video Game Facts Everyone Gets Wrong

EVERYONE gets GTA 5's story wrong.

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Not every video game plot is as simple as rescuing a kidnapped princess or stacking blocks on top of one another to the tune of a reworked Soviet folk song. The current generation of games can be very ambitious when it comes to storytelling, and while this is a positive change, sometimes it leads to major misconceptions.

The world of video games is filled with myths and misunderstandings that come from a misinterpreted moment or a small detail that goes over players’ heads.

And although these misconceptions are one hundred percent wrong, they stick to that collective mentality and eventually lead to a widespread belief that’s based on a lie.

Even the story of your favorite game isn’t safe from being taken the wrong way. The only way to correct that mistake is to pay close attention to what’s going on in the background and try to understand the clues and context the game’s writers have left for you.

Let’s try to expose all the biggest misunderstandings people have about the following games.

10. Bayek Didn't Found The Assassins Brotherhood - Assassin's Creed: Origins

gta 5

Assassin’s Creed: Origins sheds some light on the earliest stages of the franchise’s titular order. In the game, you get to see Bayek and his wife Aya create the order of the Hidden Ones and become the world’s first assassins.

Given the similarity between the Hidden Ones and the Assassins Brotherhood, it’s easy to assume that Bayek and Aya have founded the latter organization as well, and the Hidden Ones is just an antiquated term for it.

However, this is not true. The two organizations are two different groups altogether.

While the Hidden Ones are the precursors to the Assassins Brotherhood, the Brotherhood isn’t a direct continuation of the order. The Brotherhood is actually an offshoot of the order that was founded by Hasan-i Sabbah, the leader of the real-life order of assassins that the Brotherhood is based on.

In the games’ lore, Hasan fled Egypt and re-organized the Hidden Ones into the Brotherhood, maintaining the order’s creed but changing it from a clandestine sect into a public group that began operating with people more openly.

This is also why Bayek becomes canonically forgotten, as it was thanks to Hasan that the assassins became recognized by history.

All this means Hasan wasn't just the founder of the order, he was also its first PR manager.

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