10 Video Game Fan Theories Better Than The Story We Got

Wait... what?!


Little details in video games can take on a life of their own once they're put in the hands of players. As fans go through their favourite titles with fine-tooth combs, filling in the blanks and following the breadcrumbs that developers have peppered throughout, various airtight theories can not only form, but they have the potential to transform a game's story into something much more meaningful and thought-provoking than it ever had any right to be.

Because whether or not the developers intended for certain moments to be analysed so deeply, a given story can change once thousands of players and fans begin to unpack it. Yeah, there's probably going to be some confirmation bias and missed information that makes these theories work better than they do under scrutiny, but it's still exciting to debate them, especially when they're more enjoyable than whatever story the developers cooked up.

In fact, when fans come up with theories that are better than the plot we got, they can sometimes save a title from being a complete disaster. Whether they're tapping into the developers' true intentions or just working within new head-canon, fan theories can completely change the way we look at our favourite titles, in some cases actively improve the quality of the stories overall.

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