10 Video Game Fan Theories Debunked By The Creators

False fan theories you need to stop believing! Metal Gear, Overwatch, Star Wars...

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Everyone loves a creative and well thought-out fan theory, because even when they're not proven true, they at least demonstrate the passion and investment of the devoted fanbase.

Often the discussion surrounding these theories proves interesting enough that creators prefer not to confirm otherwise, keeping a dialogue going throughout the years and perhaps even the decades.

But sometimes game developers do nevertheless feel compelled to set the record straight, as was the case with these 10 fan theories.

Each theory picked up a significant amount of traction after going viral online, and the directors, producers, and designers ultimately decided to confront them head-on.

Though in many cases the artists showed an enthusiastic respect for the ingenuity of the theory, they still went on to admit that it didn't align with their personal vision for the story or characters

Still, given that most of these theories haven't ever been categorically disproven within their respective franchises, you're free to keep them alive in your own "head-canon" until they're actually invalidated in-game.

But the Word of God has spoken all the same, and deemed that these incredible, bizarre, and hilarious theories just ain't it, chief...

10. Squall Dies At The End Of Disc 1 - Final Fantasy VIII

star wars jedi fallen order
Square Enix

The Theory

Final Fantasy VIII's "Squall's dead" theory is so prominent among the fanbase that it even has its own damn website.

It suggests that protagonist Squall actually dies at the end of disc one after being impaled with an ice shard by Edea, and that the rest of the game is in fact his dying dream.

This not only explains how Squall inexplicably shakes off his injury like a faint graze, but also some of the more outlandish, left-field plot twists and especially its trippy ending, all of which are actually a dying Squall's brain trying to make sense of what's happening to him.

How It Was Debunked

A few years ago Kotaku interviewed Final Fantasy VIII's director, Yoshinori Kitase, who despite expressing admiration for the theory's creativity, confirmed it wasn't in fact true:

"No, that is not true... I think he was actually stabbed around the shoulder area, so he was not dead. But that is a very interesting idea, so if we ever do make a remake of Final Fantasy VIII, I might go along with that story in mind."

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