10 Video Game Fates Worse Than Death

Get munched on by a Headcrab, or die? Not really a hard choice.

Headcrab Death Stranding

It's not something we tend to think about too often, but pretty much every single video game in history involves some sort of killing.

Even in family-friendly fare like the Mario games, you're still stomping on Goombas or shooting them with fireballs, and most gamers these days have probably racked up body counts well into the hundreds of thousands, across all the titles they've played.

But some video game characters aren't lucky enough to be blessed with the quick release of death, and instead, they're left to suffer far worse circumstances that nobody in their right mind would wish upon even the most sinister of villains.

Games like Mortal Kombat and Injustice allow you to pull off a variety of gruesome and stylish kills, but if we were given the choice between getting sliced to pieces by Kung Lao, or being trapped inside an inescapable prison with no food, water or contact with the outside world, we'd definitely go with the more lethal and decisive option.

And we're fairly certain that the characters who are left to disturbing fates like these would agree with us.

10. Death Loop (Portal 2)

Headcrab Death Stranding

The first Portal game concludes with the sadistic GLaDOS finally being defeated. The player uses some strategically-placed portals to send a bunch of missiles flying towards the evil computer system, and a final scene shows some of GLaDOS' machine parts strewn across the car park area of the Aperture facility.

But, unfortunately for GLaDOS, that "death" only led to more suffering.

After being reawakened, the villain returns in Portal 2, and spends a lot of time feeling resentful and bitter towards the player for what they did at the end of the last game. And when you learn what happened, you'll totally get why.

You see, after "dying", GLaDOS was forced to relive the last two minutes of its life over and over again. During the Incinerator Room section of Portal 2, the machine describes how its "black-box quick-save" feature trapped it in a persistent loop of dying. Again. And again. And again.

It's doubtful that GLaDOS feels pain in the same way that we do, but regardless, it must've been horrible to be trapped in a short Groundhog Day-esque cycle consisting of pure misery and death.

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