10 Video Game Features Only Hardcore Gamers Unlocked

Some unlockables, like Final Fantasy IX's Excalibur II, are just too tough for most players to get!

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The life of the video game completionist isn’t for everybody. Generally speaking, for each title that a trophy hunter may want to nab that platinum on, there’ll be at least a couple of trophies/achievements that just make it impractical.

Yet, the true completionist struggles through, earning that 100% simply because they can (just ask Jared Khalil on that one!). Regardless of the lack of reward or the sheer size of that open-world map, they’re going to crack it wide open as a point of pride.

Needless to say, a lot of dedication goes into these efforts, often alongside a lot of deaths, practice, and frustration. Luckily, some developers have the decency to at least provide a reward of some kind for going the extra several miles in their games.

Whether they were worth all that toil is another matter, but that's another list for further down the line.

Yet for many, they will never see these rare rewards and gifts only god-tier gamers can unlock, for these are secrets only the best of the best can hope to see.

10. Godseeker Mode - Hollow Knight

bloodborne orphan of kos
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Metroidvania games tend to cater to a more committed fanbase. After all, they’re riddled with hidden items, obscure little puzzles, completion percentages, optional bosses and such.

The much-beloved Hollow Knight has all of these things in spades, while also chucking in an almost absurd difficulty level that has now become infamous, and If you’ve toiled your way through the Path of Pain, you already know this.

Those who have mastered the game’s combat and platforming mechanics, however, have access to a range of content that some may never even attempt. Godseeker Mode is a great example.

This mode is accessible in Godhome, unlocked after successfully competing the first trio of Pantheons (Pantheon of the Master, Pantheon of the Artist and Pantheon of the Sage). These brutal boss rush challenges are tough enough in and of themselves, pushing the player to their limits in a series of difficult bouts. From The Godseeker to Paintmaster Sheo, there are some formidable battles in these three Pantheons.

If you do triumph over the Pantheon of the Sage, Godseeker Mode is unlocked. This grants access to almost every upgrade and piece of equipment, for you to test out against those dastardly bosses. Nice!

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