10 Video Game Franchises That Keep Making The Same Mistake

Every Resident Evil goes off the rails at the end.

Resident evil ending

The definition of insanity is said to be doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, in which case these video game franchises are categorically nutso.

As a fan of any video game series, it's frustrating to see it repeat mistakes the fanbase has been calling out for years.

From a simple lack of quality-testing to infuriating storytelling, tonal issues, and everything in-between, these franchises fall at the same hurdle every. damn. time.

While most of these games remain critical and commercial successes no matter their nagging issues, it's safe to say that many fans are crying out for an overhaul, for these long-nagging issues to finally be rectified.

In some cases a fix may apparently be in the works, while in others it's clear the developers just don't really have any idea how to solve it, in which case an injection of fresh creative blood is most certainly needed.

No video game series is perfect, but when you screw something up this many times in a row, it's maddening for those players who continue to support the IP no matter what...

10. Not Enough Bug-Testing - WWE 2K

Resident evil ending
2K Games

Wrestling fans craving a genuinely good WWE game sure have been put through the wringer over the years, with the quality of the WWE 2K franchise ranging from good-but-flawed to, in the case of the recent WWE 2K20, genuinely terrible.

Whether good or bad, though, every single game in the WWE 2K series shares one glaring issue: those damn, dirty glitches.

Like clockwork every single year, fans complain about the baffling over-abundance of bugs in the latest WWE 2K release, to such an extent that it seems as though the games have received scarcely any quality-testing whatsoever.

Things have gotten bad enough that many have resolved to basically hate-playing the games each year and actively trying to discover as many glitches as possible, treating them like perverse gotta-catch-'em-all collectibles.

Within hours of any WWE 2K game releasing, social media is rife with hilariously embarrassing, physics-defying bugs, the majority of which aren't ever ironed out by patches.

This reached a painful apex with WWE 2K20, which proved so bug-laden that #FixWWE2K20 began trending, and the planned follow-up WWE 2K21 was cancelled.

Though 2K are set to return with WWE 2K22 by year's end, you'd be foolish to assume that the extra year of development, in the middle of a pandemic no less, will see the series rejuvenated.

Expect nothing and wait for reviews.


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