10 Video Game Franchises That Need To Die

It's past time to let go of these.

assassins creed valhalla

If there is one thing the game industry loves, it's consistency.

It can be hard to find things that resonate with a big enough audience to generate a profit, so when developers do end up finding something, they hang on to it for dear life. This is why certain franchises go on for a very, very long time, because gamers loved the original, and with a few improvements and changes between entries, the newer games can still be very appealing.

But at a certain point, a game series can go on for way too long. While they may have the potential to still make a decent amount of money, any artistic value or even fun have long since disappeared.

In this type of situation, the innovation is gone, the passion is lost, and the writing is on the wall, and yet they still shuffle out new games hoping to squeeze the series for as much as it's worth.

These franchises have been around forever, and due to how stale they have become, it is long past time for these games to be put out to pasture.

10. Five Nights At Freddy's

assassins creed valhalla
Steel Wool Studios

Let's face it, if it wasn't for the fact that the first game went viral on Youtube, the series would have been a one and done.

Honestly, it's still kind of close to being a one and done, because most of the games are exactly the same. With new titles feeling more like DLC updates than actual full games, the reason why the franchise has gone on for so long is because of its theory crafting potential, and because of its talented and passionate fanbase who have created content much more interesting than the official games themselves.

The series did try to do something new in their latest entry, Security Breach, where instead of being locked in one or several rooms, they let you have full control of your character as you explored a giant pizzeria... arcade... thing.

It could have been a good idea, except for one problem: It was a broken and terrible mess.

With more glitches than you can shake a jump-scare at, sections that were obviously rushed, and a ton of cut content that is still alluded to in the game, it wasn't a good time.

That's before going into the section where you have no checkpoints and if you die at any time during this multiple hour portion, you have to restart the whole thing again. Fun.


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