10 Video Game Genres That NEED To Make A Comeback

Do these genres of yesterday have something to offer a modern gaming market?

Curse of Monkey Island

The modern video game market seems to be an endless slew of first person shooters, battle royales, tough as nails retro-throwback platformers, and big set piece action-adventure games. Not that there's anything wrong with these types of games - they became popular for a reason. But if the recent explosion of popular Indie titles says anything, it's that modern game audiences still have a craving for something fresh.

But by fresh, what if they actually meant old? There are multiple examples of Indie developers in recent years scouring through the history of video games to find long forgotten genres and breathing new life into them. Take Stardew Valley for example; prior to its release in 2016, the last major farming/life simulator to be given a proper console release was Harvest Moon: Animal Parade back in 2008. Since its release, there have been a slew of incredible games that use a similar concept.

With modern gamers desperate for something different to break from the mold, and with nostalgia being a driving factor in some of the biggest gaming success stories in recent years, the market for lost genres definitely exists. One can assume that developers are wondering what other genres could be lying in wait, their potential going untapped?

10. Beat 'Em Up Games

Curse of Monkey Island

Beat 'Em Ups were a staple of '90s arcades and households alike. With titles like Double Dragon and Final Fight still sought after and actively played today, fans of these games are desperate for more modern titles done in this classic style. There have been a few more modern games that have tapped into the lingering interest in the genre, with titles like Double Dragon Neon, Castle Crashers and even Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: the Game garnering critical praise and fan adoration alike. Additionally with the recent release of the highly praised Streets of Rage 4 and the Battletoads reboot, the market shows signs of life.

This is to say nothing of the endless amount of potential tie-ins you get with this particular genre. Some of the most beloved and fondly remembered beat 'em ups were the likes of The Simpsons and X-men arcade games. With superhero movies being the modern day titan that it is, it would make perfect sense for developers to take a look at diving back into this beloved gem of the past.


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