10 Video Game Heroes Having The WORST Day

Count your blessings that you're not as unlucky as this lot.

Ninja Theory

We all have those days, right? Your car won't start, there's no milk for your coffee, or you're that tired that you've accidentally worked on a day off.

What could possibly be worse than what you're going through right now?

Well, I'd imagine having an exoskeleton grafted onto your fully awake, totally conscious self somewhat beats that. Perhaps missing a bus isn't so bad compared to walking into a zombie apocalypse on your first day on the job.

Even outside of work can be a bad time. Like relaxing at the opera and everyone spontaneously combusting before the second act. How about a nice, leisurely stroll to be beach and messing with the laws of causality, space and time when you get there?

When you put it into that kind of perspective, having a milk-less coffee doesn't seem so bad, does it?

Unfortunately for the heroes in this list, they don't really get a choice. Some embrace it, thankfully, as their raison d'etre to crack on and get it done. However, there's a couple that will definitely let you know how they feel about it.

So count yourself lucky, and kick back as we look at ten examples of heroes who really got dropped in it.

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