10 Video Game Levels That Confused Everyone As Kids

What kid knows what a slalom is?

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There's no gamer among us who doesn't have not-so-fond memories of getting stuck for hours - if not days, weeks, or even months - on a particular level of a video game they were otherwise enjoying the hell out of.

Whether a result of an unexpected difficulty spike or developers who didn't sufficiently quality-check their titles before shipping - especially in the time before patches were a possibility - these games all left young players thoroughly confused.

These infamous levels were all too much for our still-developing noggins, and typically required young gamers to either seek out a strategy guide or ask an older sibling to get the job done.

But even then, our wiser, taller relatives might've also had a tough time making sense of some of these obscure and esoteric puzzles and missions, and making it past these fiendish levels was sometimes more a case of dumb luck prevailing rather than keen intellect.

If you somehow made it past any of these levels without developing a migraine or wasting countless hours, give yourself a firm pat on the back...

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