10 Video Game Locations You Didn't Know Actually Exist

Milan, via Lordran.

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The transportative nature of video games means that even the most insular of players who've never so much as left their home town, let alone their home country, have travelled the entire world. Spanning from LA Noire's Los Angeles to Persona 5's Tokyo and everywhere in between, a control pad has been a passport for countless indolent gamers. who've been able to cross the entire globe from the comfort of their couch.

We all know Liberty City is a slightly more dangerous New York City, and that Fallout 4's Commonwealth is a bomb-shredded Boston. But there's a whole host of incredible real world locations you've probably visited from your living room without even knowing it. Some of them not even on this planet!

10. Taiping Road (Street Fighter II)/ Chun Yeung Street (Hong Kong)


Although there is a real Taiping Road in Qingdao, China, the well-p*ssed against walls of Chun-Li's Street Fighter stage are actually based on Hong Kong's famous wet market along Chun Yeung Street.

A short trip on the eastbound ding ding - the city's adorable nickname for their ancient tram system - to North Point brings you out onto a vibrant market awash with incredible sights and smells. There even used to be a Xiamen Meat Company on the street - identical to that one seen in the background of Chun-Li's China.

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