10 Video Game Mistakes Left In To Troll You

Everybody makes mitsakes.


Everybody makes mitsakes. It's a simple fact of life, and nothing to be ashamed of. Obviously it's not ideal if you're the captain of a cruise ship making unexpected anchorage with a rocky outcrop, nor if you're a surgeon who doesn't know the difference between the heart and the appendix, but hey, so long as you hold your hands up and say "sorry", all can be forgiven (following the resultant, multi-million dollar lawsuit anyways).

Of course, pride is tougher to swallow than school dinners, and many people simply can't own up to their errors, no matter how obvious or enormous they are. They'd much rather hide from them, or better yet, pretend they meant them all along. "Just kidding!" they say, as a gullible populace gulps down another goblet of highly toxic substance thanks to advice from the President.

In that context, video game glitches aren't exactly life or death scenarios, beyond their capacity to kill your on-screen avatar. And so, sometimes when a developer cries wolf on their 'bug', they actually meant it. It wasn't a bug at all, but left in for your - or rather, their - amusement.

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