10 Video Game Moments Everyone Misunderstood As Kids

What do your favourite Nintendo characters have hidden in their bedroom drawers?

Candy Kong

If you go back to most of your favourite childhood movies, there’ll likely be an adult joke or two thrown in there. Not only does it make watching enjoyable for the parents forced to sit through Frozen for the three millionth time, it’s also a great way for the writing team to have some fun. Frozen, for what it’s worth, has a cheeky ‘size isn’t important’ gag in there to keep an eye out for, if you were wondering.

Video games are slightly different. Parents usually aren’t involved in watching like they might be with movies, and they’re longer and richer, meaning they’re less repetitive.

However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have their fair share of adult jokes snuck in there.

Some are very hidden, only noticeable when you’re really looking for them. Others are just subtle nods, while others are so brazenly filthy you’ll be amazed you missed them the first time around.

Some games on this list often flirted with a slightly crude tone, but others are famously wholesome. Then there are those where after realising what's really going on, you might not be able to look at them in the same way ever again...

10. Primape "Masters Iron Tail", Despite Not Having A Tail - PokePark Wii

Candy Kong

PokePark Wii is one of the least appreciated Pokémon spin-off games, largely because it doesn’t really utilise the Wii’s motion control, doesn’t link to any mainline games and lacks a co-op mode, despite being perfect for it.

Marketed towards kids starting out in Pokémon rather than veterans looking for an enriching experience, there’s one gag in there which would have definitely flown over their heads.

PokePark Wii sees you control Pikachu, running around various zones and making friends with Pokémon. It’s very simplistic; most Pokémon either want to play hide and seek, chase or eat some berries. Occasionally they’ll want to battle, but that’s very basic.

One of the Pokémon featured is Primape, who brags that he’s "mastered Iron Tail" despite not even having a tail. The implication being that his Iron Tail is in fact, his penis. It’s a little clumsily told in the game and can be easily explained away, but it’s an adult joke many missed nonetheless.

It raises that old debate about the nonsense of Pokémon moves too. Some are mistranslations, and others have metaphorical descriptions rather than literal. There’s also the fact that Pokémon can forget the move Bite. Do they just never eat after that?


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