10 Video Game Moments You Played Again (Because You Were TOO EVIL)

Times when you went too far.


Greetings, fellow villains, psychos, and ne'er-do-wells! Are you fed up of pretending to be kind and friendly all day? I am, it's exhausting! But don't go around committing evil deeds just yet, we have to keep up pretences... can't have anyone suspecting that we're not upstanding members of society, can we?

But no matter! I have a solution: we can just do all the nefarious nonsense we love to do in video games instead! Kill that NPC! Betray that sidekick! Destroy that city and charge them for the privilege! Just don't let your moral compass ruin your fun by giving you that nagging sense that maybe you shouldn't have done that.

Actually, now that I think about it, perhaps murdering every single person who ever tried to help me was a tad excessive... oh no... I regret everything! Okay, don't panic: while I try to figure out how to reload my save in real life, you take a look at these villainous video game choices that made you feel so guilty you just had to go back and pick the good option.

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