10 Video Game Moments You Weren't Supposed To See

These moments were never meant to be seen by players.

doom 64
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One of the primary reasons that video games are the biggest entertainment medium in the world is the unprecedented level of freedom they grant consumers to explore and truly be part of the world in a more-or-less tangible way.

But there are absolutely limits to this, and even the biggest, most permissive of video games will contain a bevy of hidden "content" squared away that the developers never actually intended for you to see or access.

Yet when millions - even tens of millions - of people are playing a game, it's only inevitable that some of them will manage to catch a peek behind the curtain and see something they weren't supposed to.

Whether discovered by pure accident or uncovered by committed players actively trying to "break" the game, these 10 gaming moments were never meant to be seen by paying customers.

From messages and in-jokes between developers to scrapped missions and dummied-out Easter eggs, none of these moments were ever supposed to be seen by those outside of the dev team's inner-circle, and yet, they now live on in posterity online thanks to curious players...

10. Low-Poly Yuri Shoots Himself - Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

doom 64

In the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's campaign mission "Return to Sender," it's possible to go out of bounds, traverse the map, and discover a working machine-gun turret situated on top of one of the nearby buildings.

If you then go prone and activate Nikolai's remote chopper turret, you'll actually able to locate yourself, player character Yuri, who sports an hilariously low-poly character model.

This is because, of course, developers Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games never intended for the player to see Yuri's face during levels where they're playing as him. Call of Duty being a first-person shooter franchise and all, why would you?

But better still, this out-of-bounds glitch also lets you use the remote chopper to open fire on yourself and other comrades, because why the hell not?

Doing so will quickly lead to a stern telling-off for spraying hot lead at your teammates, though, followed by a swift Game Over.


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