10 Video Game NPCs Nobody Wanted To Kill (But You HAD To)

Please put them out of their misery.

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Bandai Namco

Non-playable video game characters live a tough existence, as they've got to contend with harsh worlds, less attention from the developers, and a general lack of autonomy. However, the biggest threat to NPCs isn't monsters or the existential dread of being a mindless gaming character; no, it's the players themselves.  

Gamers often treat NPCs with the same reverence as a kid with a magnifying glass does to an ant hill. Hell, no gamer has gone their entire lives without mercilessly killing a handful of NPCs they didn't like; it's simply a natural part of the medium.  

However, while killing an NPC you hate is easy, killing one you actually love is gut-wrenching. But, sometimes, you have no choice in the matter, as they have got to go.  

The following non-playable characters are ones you had to kill, whether you wanted to or not. Some of them needed to die in order for you to progress the game, whereas others were optional kills that you'd be a monster for ignoring.  

Either way, robbing these characters of their HP is a player's sad but essential duty.  


This list will contain spoilers. 

10. Sasquatch (Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare)

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Rockstar Games

If you got the chance to meet the legendary Big Foot, you'd probably be set for life. However, Red Dead Redemption's supernatural expansion painted a far more nihilistic take on meeting the big hairy beast.  

During the Wild West zombie fest DLC known as Undead Nightmare, you can begin a mission called "Birth of the Conservation Movement." In this quest, a hunter tasks you with killing the Sasquatches around Tall Trees. However, after slaughtering enough of these ape-like giants, you're met with the last one. 

This final Sasquatch speaks to you with surprising eloquence. He tells the sad tale of how he's now the last of his kind, having seen his family killed. Hell, he even challenges your misguided assumptions about his species being baby killers, informing you they eat only berries and mushrooms. 

After this, he'll beg you to kill him, putting an end to his misery, ending his species line, and finishing your job. At that point, you'd be wrong not to, especially given how you were the one who caused this. Who is the real monster here? 


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