10 Video Game Offers You MUST Refuse

Video game choices that made EVERYTHING worse.

video game choice

Ever been presented with a choice so ludicrous and unthinkable in a video game that it barely even seems like a choice at all? I'm betting you have - and usually there's no argument about which option to choose: NO. WAY.

In contrast with a lot of moral choices, which often have you biting your nails over where to go and what to do, these offers got your suspicions up from the get-go. And unless you're particularly fond of pain and/or poverty, you're going to want to hit that 'decline' button as fast as you can and skedaddle out of there to actually get some enjoyment out of the game.

Situations like this can arise from the main plot, an optional side quest, or even just a trivial bit of interaction with a run-of-the-mill NPC.

In the case of these games, regardless of how or from whom the question came your way, actually doing what they want you to do is far from the smartest choice here, and, inevitably, you'll be left either kicking yourself, or kicking the bucket.

10. Wirt's Extortion - Diablo (1997)

video game choice

Despite only appearing in the first instalment of Diablo - as a pretty unimportant character at that - Wirt the Peg-Legged Boy is well remembered, to the point homages are made in both Diablo II and Diablo III;

That said, what a greedy so-and-so he is.

You'll find Wirt in the southwest fringes on Tristram, where he beckons you in with the promise of a rare and powerful weapon. Sure, you'd expect to pay through the nose for something like that in any situation...but then you find you have to pay him 50 gold just to even look at it?!

Granted, the further you get in the game, the more affordable that fee becomes. But at the beginning, it's downright outrageous, and you really start to wish there was a "shove it" option instead of just saying goodbye.

What's more, exploration and random weapon foraging is one of Diablo's main highlights, so giving in and paying this king's ransom will both make you poor and serve to take the fun out of the game.

Look, Wirt, we know you've been mauled by demons, but robbing us of all our coin ain't gonna grow that leg back.

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